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What are webtoons?

Digital comics that are typically full-color, read left to right, and are optimized for “vertical scroll” reading on smartphones.

The format originated in South Korea as a new way to publish manhwa (Korean comics), and creators from around the world now create comics in the very popular webtoon format, in many languages and on various online platforms. Some of the most popular titles are also released in print.

Which series?

Seven Seas Entertainment will publish print editions of three popular webtoon series from the Lezhin platform: Killing Stalking, Love is an Illusion!, and PULSE. Volume 1 of all three series will debut in Summer 2022 and are recommended for Mature audiences.

The Mature-rated Boys' Love horror webtoon from Lezhin that became a global manhwa hit! Get this chilling and thrilling tale in a deluxe, full-color paperback in English for the very first time.

킬링 스토킹 ©2016. Koogi.
All Rights Reserved.

Killing Stalking

Story & Art by Koogi

Yoon Bum, a scrawny and quiet man, has a crush on one of the most popular and handsome guys in his college: Sangwoo. After the two cross paths again during their military training, Yoon Bum’s feelings grow in intensity until they become an obsession--and he breaks into Sangwoo’s home. But what he sees inside is not the Sangwoo of his fantasies; his dreams of this alluring man abruptly turn into a nightmare.

Each large-trim volume will contain 400+ full-color pages and a bonus fold-out insert!

🟢 Volume 1: July 19, 2022 (978-1-63858-557-2)
🟢 Volume 2: November 22 , 2022 (978-1-63858-558-9)


Deluxe Paperbacks, $27.99US | $35.99CAN each

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The hit Boys' Love omegaverse webtoon from Lezhin is now in print! In this Mature-rated romcom, a man who thinks he's an Alpha finds out that he isn't...when he gets up close and personal with an Alpha who sees through him.

사랑은 환상! ©2018. Fargo.
All Rights Reserved.

Love is an Illusion!

Story & Art by Fargo

Hye-sung spent his entire life believing he was an Alpha, the jackpot of the genetic lottery. But his world is flipped upside down when he finds out he isn’t a dominating Alpha, but a submissive Omega. His frustration is pushed to its limits when he constantly crosses paths with the handsome Dojin, a true Alpha. Dojin supposedly can’t stand Omegas, but his head-butting with Hye-sung results in explosive arguments and unexpected sex. Is this sizzling chemistry truly just their bodies reacting?

Each large-trim volume will contain 400+ b/w pages and color inserts!

🟢 Volume 1: September 27, 2022 (978-1-63858-565-7)


Deluxe Paperbacks, $19.99US | $24.99CAN each

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The beloved yuri/Girls' Love webtoon from Lezhin that became a global favorite! Don't miss this beautiful, full-color paperback in English for Mature audiences.

©2016. Ratana Satis.
All Rights Reserved.


Story & Art by Ratana Satis

Mel, a renowned heart surgeon, is well-known for being a stoic loner. She views her erotic flings with other women as a tool for pleasure rather than a show of affection. When she delivers bad news to patients’ families, her cold nature can make her seem heartless. Then she meets Lynn, a beautiful and spirited cardiac patient who needs a new heart, but refuses a transplant. The two women meet with minimal expectations but soon become enthralled in a relationship that changes everything for them both.

Each large-trim volume will contain all full-color pages!

🟢 Volume 1: August 23, 2022 (978-1-63858-564-0)
🟢 Volume 2: November 1, 2022 (978-1638586876)


Full-Color Paperbacks, $19.99US | $24.99CAN each

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Will the books ship/be available internationally?
Yes, we will be selling these in bookstores around the world, although not every bookstore carries Mature-rated comics. In case they’re not in a store near you, many retailers such as Book Depository will also ship internationally.

Will you censor anything?
No material will be edited for content and will be presented as intended by the original creator. The books are rated Mature for violence, sex, and language.

Are these the same as what was published on Lezhin?
For the most part, yes. Our editions have been formatted for print and will include mild text revisions, new lettering, and any edits (to text or art) provided by the rights holders, if applicable.

Does this support the creator?
These are official English editions licensed from rights holders, so every new copy purchased will support the original creator, like the official editions in various other languages.

Will Seven Seas be publishing any more webtoon series?
If readers support these first webtoon releases, that increases the chance that we can publish more in the future!

Will the books have content warnings/ratings?
The books are for mature audiences due to violence, sex, and language. Seven Seas does not include specific content warnings on books, but the rating will be printed on the back cover and the books shrinkwrapped.

Why is the price different on _______ website?
There are two set prices for our books—the US and CAN, however it is up to the discretion of retailers how to price the books, and some fluctuations may occur for a variety of reasons including sales or the exchange rate of your local currency.

Can we order the books directly from you?
Not at this time, but we are distributed by Penguin Random House, the largest distributor in North America, who provides service to many retailers and bookstores around the world!

Who is Seven Seas Entertainment?

Seven Seas Entertainment is an award-winning publisher that specializes in bringing the best of Japanese manga and light novels to English language audiences, alongside the hottest hand-picked danmei, webtoons, and other books from around the globe, and producing original comics and youth literature. Formed in 2004 by Jason DeAngelis, Seven Seas is now the #1 independently owned manga and light novel publisher in the English-language market, with books distributed throughout the world by Penguin Random House.

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